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A little about me...

I had always been into sports as I was younger. I started playing sports when I was 7 years old and always enjoyed being active and being outside.At the age of 16 I was in a car accident and had to stop all sports and activities due to a low back injury. I then found myself inactive and gaining weight.
On top of the low back injury, I was eating junk food, fast food, and ultimately used food as comfort instead of fuel. I had noticed my weight gain my senior year of high-school. I was extremely uncomfortable with my body and bitter towards those who looked “good” (in my opinion). I was never obese and I wouldn’t even consider myself fat but when I look back and see myself I see how unhealthy I was and realize how overweight I was.
During my first few years in college I would wake up at 5 in the morning to workout, never taking it seriously and continuing to eat unhealthy. In April of 2020, COVID had shut down the world and during my bordem of being stuck in the house, I found myself going on multiple walks and bike rides a day. I remember seeing this woman running past my house one morning and I had seen her jog around the neighborhood here and there, but this time watching her was different, I was in awe of her. Her gait was perfect, her stature was tall, she was strong and beautiful, and her muscle definition was impressive. This woman was rock solid, a beast, and I remember saying that I wanted to be as toned as her. I was so motivated to get my life right watching her jog.
This lead to the day that changed my lifestyle completely. On April 26, 2020 I stepped on the scale and weighed 180 lbs. I was shocked to my core that I was 20 pounds away from being 200lbs. This did not sit right with me. I am aware that every body, journey, and health status is different but for me personally at 5'5" and in my very early twenties this number on the scale defeated me. I promised myself in that moment I would make the change for myself. I will admit that at first I had an initial goal of losing 30 pounds and just wanted to look "good" but this mindset of looking good changed quickly. I started with at home workouts on YouTube, pushed myself past what I thought my limit was and fell in love with being active again.

Once the gyms opened my fitness changed, I started strength training (focusing on weight lifting), cut out fast food completely, and stopped drinking alcohol & sodas. I owe the very basic knowledge I had in the gym for splits and exercises to one of my younger brothers and my mom. My brother and I would go to the gym and he would teach and guide me.
I received validation and praise from my family members and hearing that they were proud of me was uplifting but I was proud of myself! I was proud I had finally taken it seriously, stayed consistent, and made the change. I was becoming the girl I had always wanted to be in the back of my mind. I found myself feeling better and it is such a vague thing to say but there is no other way for me to put it. Overall, I felt better, happier, lighter, less stressed, more energized, and already so much healthier.


Now, in January of 2022, I am still obsessed with fitness and health. I am the healthiest I have ever been and continue to train, eat clean, and learn new things regarding training and health.

I recently got involved in starting a fitness instagram (one of very many, I am aware) but have also helped individuals with fitness, healthy eating and advice. I love helping women because I remember many of the struggles I faced early on and even now and think it is so important to have someone there to not only motivate and lift you up but be honest with you. I am not (yet) certified but do have a background in healthcare and have taken a few basic fitness/wellness courses. I know what has and has not worked for me as well. I want to use this site because I truly love helping and sharing health.
We are only given ONE body and it is so important to take care of it, as a temple. So stick around... there's going to be some fun stuff here very very soon!

- Hannah
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